French Programmes

Special French Programmes

In consideration of the geo-political location of the country, surrounded at all borders by French speaking countries (Chad, Niger, Benin Republic and Cameroon), the school introduced its French programmes to train Nigerians who desire to meet up with the demands of today’s society.

Beginners' French Level 1

For those who do not have any knowledge of the French language but desire to learn.

Beginners' French II

For those with some knowledge of the French language and who would like to improve on their competence.

Course Duration: 20 weeks for each level

Time: 5.00pm 700 pm (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays).

The time is flexible and could be arranged at the convenience of the parties involved

Venue: International Institute of Journalism (IIJ),

NUJ National Secretariat, Abuja or any other place of choice of the other party.

Special programmes are also organized for Civil Servants, Diplomats, Businessmen and Protocol Officers to suit their areas of interest. These courses are also arranged to take place at the client’s place of choice and at convenient times.

Semesters and Course Load

The International Institute runs full-time courses lasting 2 semesters each year.

1st Semester – October March

2nd Semester – March July

Each student is enrolled at the Institute for at least 12 semester credits. They are subject to continuous assessment system throughout their programme and are required to write a project at the end of their courses under appointed Supervisors.

Students should note that all the courses offered each semester are compulsory.

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