All students register for courses they are admitted to at the beginning of each session.

Non payment of Fees and Accounts No person shall be admitted to IIJ programmes unless he/she paid the fees prescribed for that course. The regulation may be enforced in respect of the non-payment of approved fees and fines imposed in accordance with its regulations.


A student who is absent through illness for more than 3 days should inform the Registrar in writing. If the absence extends beyond one week he/she must forward a medical report to the Registry.

Deferment of Admission

A student intending to defer his/her admission must apply in writing to the Academic Board.

Such deferment must however, not exceed one academic year or one session.


Any student wishing to withdraw from the Institute must notify the Registrar in writing of his intention to do so.

Attendance at Examination

All students must present themselves for the appropriate examinations in accordance with the Institute’s regulations.

Students who are prevented from taking prescribed examinations through illness must produce an authentic medical report of their incapability.

Termination of Course

The Academic Board on the advice or recommendation of the Director may terminate the admission of any student after due consideration.

On receipt of such recommendation, the Board may institute a committee of not less than three persons to review the circumstances of the case. The student affected may be invited to make submission on his/her case.

If the Academic Board resolves that a student’s admission be terminated, the Registrar of the Institute will, by a letter, notify the student of this decision.

Failure at Examinations

A student who fails any subject at any examination will carry over the courses to the following session. He will attend classes and do assignments in the carry over subjects. A failure at carry-over level in half of a student’s load may lead to termination of admissions and consequent expulsion from the institute. A student must pass his/her carry-over subject(s) within one year of finishing course to qualify him/her for graduation. At the end of one year of graduation, the studentship lapses.

Final Course Projects

The Supervisors in the respective courses will release information to students on how to go about their projects on the payment of the appropriate supervision fees. This must be submitted at the appropriate deadline.

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